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  • U2 to Tour Indoor Arenas in 2015

    U2 say they'll be touring their new album, 'Songs Of Innocence', in 2015 – and playing indoor arenas.   The move marks a scaling-back for the band, whose last major tour was the U2 360° Tour of 2009 to 2011, which saw the band play 110 shows in outdoor arenas and stadia around the world in support of 2009's 'No Line On The Horizon'. Read More
  • Slash Says the Problem with the Music Industry Is That Young People Are Only in It for Money and Fame

    Slash does not like what he sees happening in entertainment these days, but he isn't blaming the Internet, technology, reality shows or even music labels and movie studios. Instead, he's blaming it on the new generation. Read More
  • All 87 Led Zeppelin Songs, Ranked

    It's surprisingly easy to forget about Led Zeppelin in 2014. With arena rock gradually fading from relevance, or at least being subverted and co-opted as a genre and idea — the closest thing to a stadium-geared blockbuster in the last year might have been One Direction's Midnight Memories — Zeppelin's enduring influence as the ideal of Big Rock Music is less relevant than ever. Read More
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