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Stupid Stories!

Stupid Stories

  • Stupid Photo of the Day: Is This Dress Blue and Black, or White and Gold?

    Our society didn't need a reason to get MORE divided, but this dress is doing it. There's a photo going around online that's causing intense debate. It surfaced a few days ago, and it just shows a dress, there's nothing really special about it. But some people see it as blue and black, and others see it as white and gold.& Read More
  • KFC Has Created the World's First Edible Coffee Cup

    The company that found a way to replace a bun with two pieces of fried chicken has taken it up a notch, and found a way to replace a cup with a cookie. KFC just announced it's about to start selling the world's first EDIBLE COFFEE CUP. Read More
  • The Five Weirdest Dating Apps

    We’ve all heard our fair share of horror stories from regualar dating site. Who knew there were far more, and far creepier dating apps out there? Take a look at these creepy, crazy and just plain odd apps, all aimed at finding you Mr. or Ms. Right (but in the weirdest ways possible). Read More
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Music News

Music News


03/03 · Bob Seger
03/07 · Blackhawk & The Outlaws
03/21 · Marie Osmond
03/25 · Junior Brown
03/27 · The Beach Boys
03/27 · Night Ranger
03/28 · Dave Mason
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