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  • Ben Stiller's Mom Anne Meara Has Died

    Comedy legend Anne Meara died Saturday at the age of 85. There's no word on the cause of death. As some of you may know, Anne was Ben Stiller's mom. She and her husband Jerry Stiller were married for 61 years, and were a comedy team for almost as long. They called themselves Stiller and Meara because, you know, why not? Read More
  • Chris Pratt on Rumors He's Next Indiana Jones

    Being cast to step into an iconic role can be a great honor and career boost when done right (Daniel Craig as James Bond, anyone?), but there is always the risk of screwing things up. (Remember George Clooney’s Batman? On second thoughts, let’s not.) And Chris Pratt definitely wants to avoid that in his career. Read More
  • Alan Thicke is Mad that Olivia Munn Said He Smelled Like an Old Man

    Olivia Nunn made out with Alan Thicke during a skit on her old G4 series "Attack of the Show" back in 2009. And I'm sure he wasn't complaining at the time. Read More

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